The Niles Rivers Band

The Niles Rivers Band poster

The Niles Rivers Band brings a fresh, unique perspective to musical originals and arrangements by combining multiple genres in a single concert performance.

The band includes: Caleb Hensinger (keys/trumpet), Christofer Sanchez (double bass), Bill Hart (guitar) and Dwight Smith (drums).


Christofer Sanchez is an electric and double bass player based in Atlanta, Georgia. His background in Jazz, Soul, Gospel, and RnB give him a very unique and melodic sound. Christofer is originally from Honduras and he is now pursuing a Music Production degree at Georgia State University. His drive and passion for music have allowed him to use his God given abilities to the fullest extent and he is now fulfilling his dreams of being a professional musician.

Caleb Hensinger

Bill Hart

Dwight Smith


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